"I went to NAMM specifically to check out the Nektar products. I was blown away by what I saw."

                            - Peter Amato

Peter Amato on getting started and searching for the "perfect" controller.


Getting started in the biz

I became interested in songwriting and producing around 15. When I graduated high school we moved from Pennsylvania to Reno. I started taking piano lessons from a teacher at the University Of Nevada Reno. That didn’t last very long as I hated practicing and didn’t really want to be a “player.” I was more interested in songwriting and producing so rather than practice I would write songs. The teacher was also really into midi and computers at the time as well so I jumped into that with him. I started on Cubase and would hang out in his studio/classroom all day and just watch and learn. After a couple years I was really putting together tracks and songs. I would go to LA and SF to songwriting conferences and pitch songs I was writing. I made some great connections at these conferences and that led to me moving to LA.


From production to "The Voice"

I had my first publishing deal the first year I was in LA. Had a few cuts here and there and over the years jumped around a couple different publishers. I started getting bigger cuts on bigger artists and that led to producing. Over the years I have been lucky enough to write and produce for artists ranging from LeAnn Rimes to Ricky Martin to Phillip Phillips to many more. Currently I am the music programmer on The Voice. Have been since season 1.  I also do a lot of music for television and feature films as well as remixes for major artists.


Studio setup

My gear… I started on Cubase then moved to Pro Tools and now Logic. I use mostly soft synths and plugins now. Years ago I got rid of most of my analog gear and do everything in the computer now. Pretty much the only outboard gear I have is an Avalon 737. I have my rig in my studio and a mirrored portable rig.


Enter Panorama P6

I’ve been searching for the “perfect” controller for years. One that I can basically use to control everything from the transport functions, to parameter controls on soft synths and plugins. I went to NAMM last year with my friend, Fred Coury, specifically to check out the Nektar products. I was blown away by what I saw. I now have the Panorama P6 and am loving it! Does everything I hoped and more. I very rarely touch the mouse now. I can jump from track to track, open up plugins, dial in eq, compressor settings, adjust parameters on my softsynths,  play, stop, record, etc., etc. all from the Panorama P6. It has a motorized fader which is great for riding vocals and instruments in a mix. I’ve really been doing a ton of club remixes lately so I’m using pretty much every knob and fader on the P6 as well as the drum pads, which by the way are the easiest pads to program!


The P6 will get a ton of use over the next 3 months from me programming on season 11 of The Voice!

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